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Jesmonite Coaster & Tea Set

Jesmonite Coaster & Tea Set

SKU: 2022JST01

Jesmonite sakura 12 cm coaster comes with a matching colour floral tea box, can place hot and cold beverage. Each floral tea box has individually packed tea bags. 

Great for any occassion as gift! 

Additional $5 for delivery. Free delivery for over $100 purchase.

  • Care Note for Coaster

    Jesmonite is easy to care for here are some tips!

    • Clean gently with a soft cloth if it is dusty or dirty.
    • Although Jesmonite is a hardy material, avoid dropping onto hard surfaces as the impact can weaken or break the piece.
    • Do not place under the sun as it will discolour the pieces.
    • To get a shiny surface back, buff a tiny amount of Vaseline onto the surface with a clean fingertip and wipe any excess off with a cloth.


    Small air pockets/bubbles are normal and characteristic for the materials, and part of the charm of the handmade nature of each item.
    All items are sealed with a natural wax sealant to protect and shine, making them water-resistant, however care should still be taken with spills.

    Hope you enjoy the handmade pieces.

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